October 19, 2021

Cloud Call Center Software for business continuity in COVID-19 pandemic

Contaque is closely monitoring the development around COVID19 and its impacts on the client experience and call center industry. In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, social distancing recommendations, and work from home policies, Contaque is providing special cloud-based call center solutions for organizations impacted by the COVID19 outbreak to work remotely.

The Cloud Call Center solution helps to manage cloud call center operations so that organizations can remain productive with a satisfactory customer experience without disturbing its business in this COVID19 pandemic

Contaque Cloud Call Center Solution

Contaque cloud-based call center solution enables organizations to interact with their clients from anywhere across the globe. It meets the challenge of a work from home call center solution available to its customers across all time zones. Agents can be located at different remote locations and can manage as one central pool of agents.

 Advantages of Contaque Cloud Call Center Solution include:

  • Contaque interactive voice response system aids to reduce your cloud call center’s cost of operations. It allows the customer to reach the right department. It also makes agents more productive by offering timely and necessary customer data at their fingertips. IVRs works as a simple message with few voices prompts to complex multi-level call flows.
  • The proactive approach offers an edge over the other cloud call center solutions to promote your client experience. Outbound Calling Contact center technology has transformed the face of the customer relationship. Contaque is the most trusted technology for renowned organizations in the world.
  • In the customer relationship and communication field, time plays the most deciding factor. Contaque offers call conferencing solutions to promote your cloud call center operations and gain more productivity from your agents.
  • To take your business operations to the next level in this COVID19 outbreak, away from the calling and the traditional dialing framework to build contact with your potential customers, Contaque offers Automatic dialer software helps to speed up the process of building your connections with your clients. You can respond to your customer query by using Contaque- auto dialer feature in this COVID19 pandemic situation.

COVID-19 pandemic has affected lives and organizations across the globe, and the Cloud call center industry is no exception. Contaque cloud call center solutions can be used remotely, where work from home agents can supplement the organization’s current employees to offer a personalized and effortless experience to your clients virtually.

To drive better results, check Contaque’s Call Center Solution and see your business grow exponentially.

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