November 30, 2022
Surgical Sutures Market

Surgical Sutures Market Size, Share and Analysis | Forecast Report

Market Scope

Surgical sutures are basic requirements for all types of surgery heavily performed through specialized hospitals, clinics, and outpatient centers. The report’s scope covers sutures by type of product and its applications across applicable medical indications. There are several epidemic diseases, chronic lifestyle diseases, infections, and injuries where, to a large extent, sutures are used to close a particular site.


The market of surgical sutures over the forecast period is estimated to observe steady growth. A suture refers to any material strand used to litigate blood vessels or tissues in order to close a surgical site. The type of material used primarily determines a specialty doctor’s level of suture layers.

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One of the primary factors responsible for increased use and adoption of sutures is an increase in long-term hospital admission of patients with chronic diseases as well as increased cases of trauma across developed and emerging markets. In a large number of orthopedic, dietary, ophthalmic cases and several other parts of the body, surgical suturing is required in the event of surgery. A large number of hospitals and outpatient surgery departments are specializing in surgical suture techniques that drive this market further and technologically advancing. With the growth in personalized medicines, however, there is growth in the use of minimally invasive procedures as well as in many cases needle-related infections mainly hamper the growth rate of the market for surgical sutures over the forecast period.

Market Trends

The Absorbable Sutures are Expected to Hold Larger Share over the Forecast Period

The absorbable sutures are highly useful for surgical site closure treatment of internal organs. The natural sources of sore and synthetic have their advantages based on the body areas to be used. They generally degrade on the basis of an absorbable or non-absorbable character in soft tissues within 60 days or more. Because the source is collagen, copolymer and polyester polymers that are widely available and easily manufactured, the rate of adoption and use is much faster than non-absorbable. In addition, the non-absorbable is mostly used in external suturing cases, which means that use is limited compared to absorbable sutures.

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North America is Expected to Have Largest Share in the Global Market

High admission rates, technological advances in healthcare facilities, increased government spending on healthcare as well as better company distribution channels as well as reimbursement policies drive the surgical sutures market in the United States. The growth of this market also drives medical tourism from several emerging markets. However, with the increase in personalized medicines, the trend is anticipated to move towards minimally invasive surgeries, which may gradually reduce the use of surgical suture rates over the forecast period. Canada is also known for better government and medical tourism policies, as well as technical benefits in healthcare relative to several emerging markets. Thus, over the forecast period, North America is expected to hold a significant share of the studied market.

Major Competition

The major players on the market focus on technological advances and improving the quality of material used in sutures and better treatment of the injury site. Braun Mesungen AG, Johnson & Johnson, Smith & Nephew PLC, Teleflex Incorporated, Integra LifeSciences, among others, are some of the main players on the market.

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