October 20, 2021

Contaque – Omnichannel Contact Center Software with Remote agent enables Work From Home.

Software is developed to make work from home more interactive, easy, and exciting, and they fill the communication gap caused because of the physical absence of the employees at the work station.

Contaque is comprehensive and consolidated contact center software. It includes various features to make work of call centers more straightforward as well as productive. The omnichannel contact center software provides intelligence, security and advanced feature. Contaque has launched omnichannel contact center software with a work from the home agent that allows remote workers to help call centers in smooth functioning.

Features of Contaque Omnichannel Contact Center Software

  • Predictive dialer

Predictive dialer software is one of the best tools for businesses with substantial call volumes. At Contaque, Predictive dialer feature functions via a computerized system that dials a batch of telephone numbers. It connects to the sales professionals making calls.

  • Auto dialer

Contaque omnichannel contact center software has an autodialer feature. It aids in resources use productively and effectively. Contaque full-featured auto dialer software enables your call center agents to be more profitable. Our Auto dialer is the correct choice for your call center for making all the more live connections.

  • CRM integration

Contaque allows you to engage with your clients by a single track and tap the status of the conversation with cloud based integration of CRM software. CRM integration with contaque call center software solution helps organization deepen and manage customer relationships in an organized way.

  • IVR system

Contaque provides a channel to get reviews from the clients. Once the conversation between agent and client is complete, agents transfer the call to IVR and can ask questions related to customer satisfaction. It helps in monitoring the tracking areas of the agents and their performance on which the company requires concentration.

  • DNC calling software

It provides multiple phone dialling option like preview, predictive dialling and manual. Multiple CRM can run through same campaign. It helps to speed up the process of upgradation.

Benefits of Contaque-Omnichannel Contact Center Software

Contaque contact center software is beneficial for organizations that operate from the office or work station. The advantages of call center software include:

  • The predictive dialer software offers a liberty to integrate additional functions for existing needs
  • Full reporting on IVR integrated
  • User gets priority to receive call
  • 60% Cost Saving
  • Improve efficiency by 4X
  • 70% Enhanced Agent productivity
  • Enhanced Reporting & Metric

In this COVID19 pandemic situation, Contaque helps remote agents to work effectively and productively with Contaque contact center software to connect with their customers and continue their businesses from home.

If you wish to make your organization’s quality of service to advance level of client satisfaction, then get in touch with us at Contaque and resolve your client queries in no time with 100% Satisfaction. We also help in Contaque-omnichannel center software at your work facility.

Numerous organizations use omnichannel contact center software. If you want to provide your clients with advanced client service, then feel free to contact us at Contaque and get customized Contaque contact center software for your business.

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