October 20, 2021

Customer service trends that you should adopt in 2020

Since the 18th century, the trend of customer service continues after the telephone discovery. It gives clients the flexibility to clear doubts and ask for assistance over the call rather than traveling a far distance to the office.

Customer service in today’s competitive world is entirely different from what we have imagined and has changed the scenario in the industry. Nowadays, brand interaction is simple and easy. The most exciting part is there is no need to wait for long; the replies take an hour or even fewer minutes.

Let us discuss the few customer service trends that you should adopt in 2020 that includes:

Predictive analytics help businesses to excel and offer high-touch customer service

As per the report, the two major issues that support team face are adapting to seasonal spikes and controlling costs. Predictive analytics is the most effective tool to solve this issue.

In simple words, predictive analytics is the study of advanced analytics that is used for future prediction. It requires machine learning, big data, statistics, and artificial intelligence into account to show the desired outcomes.

When it comes to supporting, companies can target the following to achieve desired results that include:

  • To monitor the service quality
  • Companies must pay close attention to client satisfaction
  • Companies should ensure to plan future anomalies and spikes

Artificial intelligence bots continue to automate support tasks quickly.

Artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in customer service from previous years. Every year, there are breakthroughs. The artificial intelligence bots demand is increasing day by day. Organizations are adapting themselves with artificial intelligence bots for auto support to customers.

Customer service reps will work from home

In 2020, an organization witness a growth in the freelance workforce. Hence, customer service jobs can perform their work from home.

Real-time support 

Marketing gives information about product or service but live chat is the best option because it provides an opportunity to contact your customer’s real-time

IoT can fuel proactive 

Online shopping and e-commerce is something IoT will impact. IoT devices change the shape of online shopping by turning everyday objects into a sales platform for retailers.

Especially, when it comes to calling support, the IVR system helps you to assist customers without intervention from an agent. For example, in hospitals, IVR can be used to allow customers to reschedule their appointments over calls automatically. Hospitals can keep a track record of their patients with an appointment by the integration of it with their CRM. The process is in auto mode and allows agents to target only important tasks to offer a better customer experience.

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